We—the Poarch Band of Creek Indians—believe in supporting Alabama and helping improve opportunities for all individuals and families in this great state. We launched the “Winning for Alabama” campaign as a place to think about the future, share ideas, and actively communicate about the plans and the dreams we all have for the State we love.

An important part of “Winning for Alabama” is hearing from you and giving you the tools to make your voice heard. We have our own ideas for helping Alabama win, but first, we want your feedback on what you want for this State.

About the Poarch Band of Creek Indians

We are descendants of a segment of the original Creek Nation that once covered almost all of Alabama and Georgia. The Poarch Creek Indians have lived together for almost 200 years in and around the reservation in Poarch, Alabama (near Atmore in rural Escambia County, about 57 miles east of Mobile).

Our ancient culture shapes our identity, and we work hard to preserve that heritage while contributing to economic, educational, social and cultural initiatives for both Tribal Members and our home state.

In this effort to “win for Alabama,” we want to join our neighbors across the state to create opportunities that will improve the quality of life for all.