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for Alabama

We pay taxes. We paid $316 million in local, state and federal taxes in 2019.

We are the only federally recognized Indian Tribe in the state of Alabama and operate as a sovereign nation.

We have more than 20 businesses in Alabama in addition to our three gaming resorts.

We support gaming under a regulatory authority that will collect license fees for participating businesses and ensures the integrity of the industry.

We support license fees to be paid by any entity who wants to operate a casino in the State.

License fees ensure casinos are not just a gaming business, but a deluxe tourist destination that will bring people and money to the State.

At our Alabama premiere gaming resorts, we currently operate Class II gaming, which is electronic bingo.

We want Alabamians to have the chance to vote on any gaming legislation and decide what they want gaming to do for the State.

We support a traditional lottery for the state of Alabama— we believe this is the lottery’s best chance for making it to a statewide vote.

See What Alabamians are Saying


Since we are losing revenue to other states over gambling, it is time to collect on what is already being spent out of state.

- Sheri, Huntsville, AL


Please get a lottery and gaming- we are loosing too much money to our neighbors- we should be ashamed being last in education.

- Joy, Arab, AL


Our kids are important and a quality education is needed with additional funding.

- Angela, Prattville, AL


Let’s roll.

- Paul, Talladega, AL


Sending lots of Alabama $$ to Mississippi in last few weeks. Surely we can come together and keep this revenue in Alabama.

- Michael, Tuscaloosa, AL


The People of Alabama will never get to Vote on Gaming or Lottery,
Seems to be a 45 Year joke, Let the people VOTE.

- Blake, Cullman, AL


The entirety of profit to Alabama should benefit Education.

- Rebecca, Killen, AL


The Poarch Creek Indians’ plan is a win for all.

- David, Mobile, AL


Education needs to be brought to the forefront in Alabama.

- Donise, Pinson, AL


Better education for all children. Better pay and benefits to attract the best teachers.

- Wayne, Huntsville, AL

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