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The Poarch Band of Creek Indians Has a $Billion Plan for Alabama

One certain way to build economic opportunity and growth for the state we love, is to put the power of gaming to work for Alabama. Federal Law requires a Tribal-State Contract (Compact) to be negotiated by the State and Tribe in order to expand the types of games we offer. We stand ready to negotiate a Compact that will benefit Alabama. That is why we put together the Billion-Dollar Plan.

The $Billion Plan is a Game-Changer for the State we love

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6500 New Jobs

That's $300 Million in Wages

How We Employ Thousands

$500 Million
In Capital Investments

New Deluxe Resort Destinations for Our State

How We Invest in Tourism

$350 Million
in Increased Revenue and Taxes

Plus More Economic Benefits

How We Support the Economy